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Helpful Networking Projects for Your Raspberry
Helpful Networking Projects for Your Raspberry

In spite of being a beloved companion to computer hobbyists the world over, the Raspberry Pi doesn’t get enough credit. In fact, single-board computers of all stripes haven’t gotten their due — I just happen to have a Raspberry Pi. It was upon casting a stray glance into the corner of my room where my Pi is, churning away on the previous task I assigned it, that I pondered all the loftier projects I have in mind for it.

It will probably be a while before I tackle those grand designs. But the next best thing to following my dreams is to share them. The ideas here are charcoal sketches, not full illustrations, but they yield a rough picture.

I should also note that these projects all contain Linux in their blueprints (shocking, I know). As this is the preliminary stage, we can leave the exact distribution blank for now. You can safely trust, though, that any services we might need our Pi to run will fasten flush onto a Linux base.

You Can’t Phone Home if You Don’t Have the Number

Two of the three projects below will require server configuration — and because servers are most useful when accessible on the wider Internet, this also entails some network tinkering. Specifically, whenever you want to reach your own private network from the outside, you will need to nail down the IP address and ports on the Internet-facing side.

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